Meet Jack Tompkins

Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur

About Jack

  1. I genuinely have a lot of fun helping small businesses become more data-driven. Whether that's building dashboards or speaking about how impactful data can be, I have an absolute blast doing it!
  2. One of my main principles is that I will work hard enough to make data fun and usable for anyone.
  3. I'm originally from Mystic, Connecticut (the town from the 80's movie "Mystic Pizza"), and I ended up moving south to Charlotte, NC (huge upgrade) and started living my dream as a business owner with my company, Pineapple Consulting Firm!
  4. Since then I've built up an awesome and expanding group of clients, have an ever-growing team working with me, started a second business, and have loved everything from an invoice getting paid to working through the night to fulfill a promise to a client.

Fun Facts

  1. I taught my high school math class while the teach was out and I was a student in the class
  2. I'm on a mission to collect a mini bat from all 30 MLB stadiums
  3. I switched majors (unofficially) 17 times in college before creating my own
  4. I became a full time entrepreneur at age 26
  5. I can successfully relate grocery shopping to data & analytics

Why I do What I do

  1. If you got $10M/month for doing anything you want, what would you do? I would do exactly what I’m doing now. That's how much I love the work that I’m doing. Now, maybe there would be a few less nights and weekends working, but the work itself and the speaking wouldn't change at all.
  2. I taught my high school math class when the teacher was out because I got legitimate pleasure out of making numbers digestible to my classmates. The same thing is true today, just with bigger numbers and more people.
  3. Helping people make better decisions goes back to something my mom always told me - "Make good choices" every time I left the house. I now help others do that for a living.

Some Places Jack Has Spoken At

Some Podcasts Jack Has Been On

“Jack Tompkins speaks about data (yawn). I expected this to be a super boring topic. I WAS WRONG! Jack made data fun and approachable and meaningful. I enjoyed the conversation a ton, and I highly recommend anyone who has a podcast who serves service-based business owners to have Jack on your show.”

Phil Gerbyshak, Gerbycasts

“Jack’s presentation hit the sweet spot by presenting a common sense yet focused approach to develop and use key data points to support and drive small business decisions. Our mentors have a great variety of backgrounds but do not always recognize the importance of using data early in the process and Jack’s presentation both informed and inspired. Several mentors went out of their way to express appreciation and satisfaction with the presentation.”

Peter Safir, VP for Mentor Education

“Jack was awesome! Great topic, great speaker! Very relevant, simple, and effective.”

Renaissance Executive Forums members
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