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I love bringing a refreshing and entertaining take on data to an audience! I also used to be a project manager so from organizing and scheduling the event, through the post-speech conversations, I am here to help you and your audience have an awesome experience! I do everything in my power to make the entire process stress free and valuable.

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Keynotes Tailored to your audience

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Data is Annoying. Let's make it fun!

Data is fun?! It certainly can be! Decide to be data-driven and the next phase of your business gets infinitely closer. It's easier than you think and more impactful than you can imagine (plus it can be fun when you get it all running smoothly)!

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P&L's are for Bookkeepers. Dashboards are for Decision-Makers.

Visualize your financials and see the difference. From creating and automating, to analyzing and acting, your new dashboard will be your new best friend.

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“Jack Tompkins speaks about data (yawn). I expected this to be a super boring topic. I WAS WRONG! Jack made data fun and approachable and meaningful. I enjoyed the conversation a ton, and I highly recommend anyone who has a podcast who serves service-based business owners to have Jack on your show.”

Phil Gerbyshak, Gerbycasts

“Jack’s presentation hit the sweet spot by presenting a common sense yet focused approach to develop and use key data points to support and drive small business decisions. Our mentors have a great variety of backgrounds but do not always recognize the importance of using data early in the process and Jack’s presentation both informed and inspired. Several mentors went out of their way to express appreciation and satisfaction with the presentation.”

Peter Safir, VP for Mentor Education

“Jack was awesome! Great topic, great speaker! Very relevant, simple, and effective.”

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